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Making Equity Real through: Strategy Organizational Development Diversity - Equity - Inclusion - Belonging Advocacy

DEI organizational development consultant and strategist, Jen Billig has over 20 years of experience working with executive leadership, organizations and political candidates to drive meaningful impact through transformational change. Take the first step.

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Strategy-Driven Organizational Change

Building a highly strategic, results-driven and inclusive organization starts with a focus on leadership development and leads to systems and culture change. Socially conscious, progressive leaders convert their values into action with advanced skill-building support that gets results.

DEI is an essential, learnable skill set for all leaders, that can be developed and integrated strategically across the organization.
Jen Billig

Meaningful change will positively impact your clients, customers, employees and their communities. But alligning values, systems and outcomes require a level of skill and capacity that can challenge even the most capable leaders.

Making Equity Real

DEI programs that are over-reliant on training fall short on the key objectives of operationalizing equity and cultivating a welcoming, inclusive company culture. Align Consulting drives a systemic, humanizing approach building results-driven change.


Strategy & Organizational Development

Fueled by values, driven by strategy, conveyed through culture.

Making Equity Real

Operationalizing equity and inclusion to build intercultural competency and create cultures of true belonging.

One-to-One Coaching

Confidence building in navigating diversity and racial issues to drive effective, change-focused leadership.

Organizational and Systems Change Consulting

Executive leadership coaching through a developmental approach to redesign systems for equity and inclusion.

Racial Affinity Groups

Inclusive Leadership Labs that creates accountability and action between teams and leaders to process change.


Cross-sector advocacy strategy tackling policy reform that transforms outcomes for all.

Jen Billig

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Billig is the founder and principal consultant of Align Consulting. Jennifer is a strategist, social impact consultant, organizational change specialist and advocate with a consulting career that spans more than 20 years with Align, Arthur Andersen, Unisys, and The Public Strategies Group. Her systems change work helps organizations align strategy, culture and outcomes for maximum impact, including using a ‘Race +’ approach for equity, inclusion and building intercultural competency in individuals and organizations.

Jennifer specializes in helping White-bodied leaders transform their own racial conditioning so they can effectively lead and support the creation of truly inclusive companies, non-profits and government agencies. Her consulting focuses on operationalizing racial equity, inclusion and other shared values to create true belonging for all employees. She is a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, a coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute and an instructor of embodied meditation practices.

Previous clients include The Denver Foundation, Mile High Business Alliance, US Bank, the cities of Dallas, TX and San Jose, CA, the U.S. Navy, the FBI, the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy, Girls Inc. of Santa Fe, the Izaak Walton League and several candidates for public office.

Align Inc. collaborates with consultants from across disciplines throughout the United States to deliver outstanding service to its clients.

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